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Idfy is one of the top 10 Multi-Factor Authentication Solution Providers in Europe 2019, says Enterprise Security.

Published: 11.06.2019

Idfy continually works towards innovative solutions for secure identification to create a safe environment for users online. With the cutting-edge technology that Idfy offers while securing multiple business processes across industries, Idfy has a unique position in today's digital market. And has therefore caught the attention of Enterprise Security Magazine.


Enterprise Security, a magazine whose purpose is to educate technology leaders on matters concerning transformational technology and trends, has chosen to honor Idfy with a full-page feature based on the companies expertise in winning digital trust in this month’s issue. Idfy is proud to be recognized as one of the top 10 companies within multi-factor authentication solutions providers in Europe. CEO Stein-Olav Davidsen gives his input on Online Trust Services and how it has benefitted several companies through a more secure experience.


“Secure identification is at the heart of what we do and products that Idfy offer”, Stein-Olav


Digitalisation and cyber warfare are highly relevant terms in our day of age, and therefore precautions and digital trust services are necessary to secure every user’s valuable data. We at Idfy are active players within the field of cybersecurity, working with secure solutions to create a safe experience for all cyberactive parties. We always work on creating an advanced yet an easy-to-use software platform, giving companies as well as their users a sense of security.    


Davidsen. When Idfy was founded in 2012, Stein-Olav played an active role in getting the company up and running. His innovative ideas and hard work has had a substantial contribution to Idfy’s success and growth, but also earned him a spot on E24 list of leadership talents in Norway. Idfy has ever since had the pleasure of working with companies such as American Express, Skanska and Equinor.


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Stein-Olav tells Enterprise Security Magazine about the challenging experience companies face when integrating a new infrastructure within trust services, and how Idfy thereby is working towards offering the customer a simplified solution with a reduced time-to-market. Enterprise security informs the readers about Idfy’s unique spot in the industry and our ability to meet the clients requirements with our highly adaptive approach to integration.




With American Express Idfy contributed to creating a better customer experience and reducing applications frauds. By customizing a digital signature service and offering an API that allowed the client to integrate an embedded digital signing experience with a digitised card application form, American Express experienced great results and reduced processing cost for the applications. Lastly, Davidsen confirms that Idfy continually works towards expanding on the European market.

We thank Enterprise Security Magazine for this great article and are honored by the spotlight!  






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