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Digitizing the document flows for a world leading project development and construction company

Skanska is one of the world's leading construction and project development companies, focused on selected home markets in the Nordics, other European countries and North America.

Skanska has implemented digital signatures in a wide range of document processes, including HR, procurement and property sales. Increased digitalization and automation are important aspects of increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

Skanska is a front-runner in utilizing digital tools to strengthen results and operations efficiency.

Using digital signature solutions from Idfy, Skanska has achieved better communication, greater efficiency and reduced risk.


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Efficient KYC and compliant investor onboarding with AML/PEP functionality

With leading research capacity in the Nordics, topranked corporate advisory services and wealth planning, Carnegie serves a central function in the Nordic capital market.

Using Idfy authentication and sign APIs in combination with Idfy Info API, Carnegie has built an efficient and compliant investor onboarding process. Using BankID, all investors are onboarded in line with the Norwegian Money Laundering Act.


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Utilizing the Idfy Info API, Carnegie also has streamlined the backoffice processes of doing extended customer control (“Know Your Customer”) and anti money laundering (AML) with lookup of politically exposed persons (PEPs) and international sanction lists.

Digital and legally binding contracts for installation of solar panels

Otovo is an energy company startup that makes it easy to get locally produced and green energy produced on your own roof. When becoming a customer, Otovo handles the entire process from planning to installation.

Utilizing the Idfy Sign APIs, all documents and contracts are signed digital and efficient.


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Otovo’s vision was that it should be possible to order solar panels to your roof while sitting on the bus with your smartphone.

Utilizing the Idfy Sign API Otovo has achieved their vision of an efficient, legally binding and customer friendly ordering process.

Secure identification of dog friends

Puppy Partners is a digital platform for matching dog owners with dog sitters and walkers in their local area.

Puppy Partners has security as a priority. For their premium members, they offer identify verification using Swedish BankID. This way, they can check that the applicant is over 18 and that the information given is consistent with what is given in the registration form.

Using the Idfy Authentication API, Puppy Partners has implemented an efficent and safe way of ensuring that the identity of dog walkers is verified.

Secure authentication to health care app


Clever Health is app developed to help men detect and handle their risk for prostate cancer.

Through structured blood sampling Clever Health offers better insight into mens development and risk.

Expert evaluation is always accessible through an mobile app, secured with BankID implemented using Idfy Auth API. Clever Health makes it easy to get the highest quality follow-up so you do not have to worry.


Secure login and digital signing of insurance documents

HELP is the only insurance based law firm in Scandinavia. HELP offer legal advice in matters related to familty law, property, inheritage, comsumer purchasing and neighboring rights.

HELP Insurance has implemented both autentication and digital signing using APIs from Idfy.



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Investor onboarding and signing of lending agreements on crowdfunding platforms

Kredd offers a P2P lending platform in Norway. The Company operates a marketplace online credit platform that enable people to borrow money and lend money from each other – without the involvement of banks or credit card companies.

Kredd provides great rates for borrowers and attractive returns for investors. Investor and lender onboarding is done by utilizing Idfy APIs.

Secure authentication and key sharing for leading car sharing company

Hyre is a leading car sharing company established in Oslo. Users of Hyre can access a large pool of modern cars located throughout the city centre. Customers can both unlock and start the cars using only their smartphone. Secure authentication of customers in the Hyre app is done using the Idfy Authenticate API.



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First bank account payment solution in Norway


Idfy built the first “Access-to-Account” (XS2A) payment solution together with the IT security company Unibridge. With this solution, an end-user can shop and perform payments directly from their bank accounts. The first bank to utilize the solution is Nordea, the largest bank in the Nordics, and the first third party payment providers (TTPs) have already started using the solution.


With this solution, secret and personal login credentials are not exposed to unauthorized parties, and bank account integrity is safeguarded, solving two central issues from screen scraping under PSD2.


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