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Other inquiries?

Contact the Idfy management team:

Stein-Olav Davidsen

Chief Executive Officer

Rune Synnevåg

Chief Technical Officer

Sven Samdal

Chief Operating Officer

Frank Lillebuen

Head of Sales

Frank Lillebuen

  • Frank is Head of Sales at Idfy and responsible for partnerships, recruitment and sales

  • Has long experience from working with recruiting, sales and management in Norway and internationally

  • Works at the Bergen office



Call Frank: +47 484 86 292

Sven Richard Samdal

  • Sven Samdal holds a MSc in Industrial Economics and Technology Management from NTNU. He is the chief operating officer at Idfy and responsible for all growth initiatives 

  • Has experience as a consultant from Geelmuyden Kiese working with financial communications and investor relations

  • Sven works at the Oslo office



Call Sven: +47 97 65 64 94

Stein-Olav Davidsen

  • Stein-Olav holds a MSc in Industrial Mathematics from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and is the CEO of Idfy

  • Has experience as a consultant from McKinsey&Company working primarily with large projects within IT and telecom

  • Stein-Olav leads the Idfy Oslo office


E-mail Stein


Rune Synnevåg

  • Rune holds a masters degree in computer science from the University of Bergen and is CTO and co-founder of Idfy

  • Has long and extensive experience from a variety of IT projects working as a full stack developer

  • Rune leads the development team in Bergen


E-mail Rune