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Store your documents using encryption and hardware security modules

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Idfy File Vault is a secure storage service for signed documents, which supports maintenance of signatures and secure encrypted storage on Norwegian soil at ISO27001/PCI DSS certified data centers.

We use FIPS-140/Common Criteria certified hardware security modules (HSMs) to protect your documents with advanced encryption.


By using Idfy File Vault, you can be assured that your signed documents are kept secure and encrypted with industry standard encryption, and that signatures are kept valid over long time through periodic resigning and timestamping.

Our File Vault solution supports advanced tagging, retrieval and deletion of documents so that you easily can become GDPR compliant for the data you store in our solutions. For instance, all data for a given customer can be retrieved, moved and deleted through an API with few operations.

Idfy has dedicated HSMs in a redundant setup in Norwegian data centers. Our a data center is ISO27001/PCI DSS certified, meaning it is «payment card industry data security standard» compliant

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