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Idfy eSeal services provide you and your organization with an easily integrable API and service for generating qualified electronic seals as defined under eIDAS.

Electronic sealing is a way of protecting the integrity of documents and data that are produced by your organization and that you share with customers, authorities or other external parties.

In this way, you can for instance seal official documents such as offers, electronic invoices, diplomas etc., and external parties receiving your sealed documents will be able to validate that they are coming from your organization and have not been faked or tampered with by anyone else.

Using electronic seals for important documents can increase your brand perception and reduce risk of fraudsters attempting to abuse your brand by creating fake invoices, documents etc. on your behalf. For European organizations, Idfy can provide and manage eSeal certificates issued by our Norwegian partner Buypass, which is a qualified certificate issuer across the whole of EU/EEC.

In Idfy eSeal services, we use FIPS 140/Common Criteria certified HSMs to create your electronic seals.

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