General information about Idfy


Idfy is a private limited company incorporated in Norway and registered in the Norwegian business registry (The Brønnøysund Register Centre).

Idfy currently has offices located in Bergen (headquarter) and Oslo, Norway. Official information about Idfy can be found below:

  • Official company name: Idfy Norge AS
  • Organization number: 998303168 (NO – Brønnøysund Register Centre)
  • Visiting address Bergen: Kanalveien 109, N-5068 Bergen, Norway
  • Visiting address Oslo: Drammensveien 167, N-0277 Oslo, Norway
  • Postal address: Postboks 42, N-5822 Bergen, Norway
  • Central telephone number: +47 53 01 10 30
  • Contact e-mail address for privacy related inquiries:


General information about Idfy’s privacy policy

The purpose of Idfy’s privacy policy is to inform our customers and end users about how Idfy processes and protects personal data, which rights registered persons have and how they can be exercised, under the personal data protection legislations which apply for Idfy’s services (including regulation (EU) 2016/679 – GDPR).

Idfy’s CEO is responsible for this policy and Idfy’s conformity to the policy and its requirements. This also applies to any other third parties involved in the processing of personal data on behalf of Idfy. Any questions or inquiries regarding privacy related matters can be directed to, or through contact forms found on our webpages.


Particular elements applicable to certain areas or services

Idfy’s privacy policy holds in general for all of Idfy’s services and geographies. For certain products and services that Idfy delivers, additional and/or particular requirements for eg. information security could apply. Currently, Idfy has applied to become a certified trust broker in Finland, under which particular requirements apply for the scope of Idfy’s services delivered to the Finnish market.

For more information about processing of personal data under Idfy’s role as trust broker in Finland, please see our identification principles for the Finnish Trust Network:

Finnish Trust Network information


Idfy services that might process data about you

For Idfy’s services that are used by our business customers, like for instance our identification services, our digital signature services and other services that our business customers use and offer their own customers, Idfy has the role as the data processor on behalf of its customer, which is the data controller. Such services created and operated by Idfy on behalf of its customers can be found in a variety of different services in many different companies and entities. For these services, Idfy has a data processing agreement with its customer.

This means that for any requests you might have about your rights pertaining to your personal data collected through such services, you should contact the company that offers you the service. Idfy will in turn assist its customer in fulfilling your requests.




For Idfy’s websites found at, and others belonging to Idfy, these are owned and operated by Idfy, and they are our primary information channels for Idfy products and services. Idfy is the data controller and responsible for any personal data that are logged through the usage of these services, including any third parties being part of these pages. Idfy uses the third party Apility AS (Norwegian limited company) for hosting our main web pages at For most other web pages that Idfy controls, including, Idfy self-hosts and operates these web pages in Idfy’s operational facilities using our hosting provider Microsoft Azure (North Europe/West Europe data centers). Other third parties may have plugins integrated in some of our webpages (like our customer support system Zendesk and Atlassian for our status pages and status subscription services). An updated comprehensive list of such third parties can be made available upon request to

Idfy offers general contact and support services as well as services for subscribing to newsletters about our products and services in general and subscribing to operational status messages. All of these services require active sign-up in which you fill out a contact form with your e-mail address and/or other personal information in order to receive support or other notifications/messages from us. For the purpose of serving your support requests/other inquiries or sending you notifications/messages we collect, store and process your e-mail address and any other personal information that you have submitted through forms etc. when you have signed up for the services. Also, Idfy offers certain demo services to test our products and solutions, in which you may or may not enter personal information for the purpose of product trials.

By entering your personal information into these services, you give your consent to Idfy processing your data for the purpose of serving your requests. For the Idfy support services or general inquiries (ie. when you contact us per e-mail, contact forms or other channels), please contact in order to have your contact information removed from our databases. For the Idfy operational status message subscription service, there is in every e-mail sent out an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the e-mail, that you can click in order to unsubscribe and have your information removed at any time. For Idfy newsletters, in order to unsubscribe, please contact to have your contact information removed from the subscription list. For demo applications, such personal information is regularly deleted through automatic routines. Please contact to check whether your information has been deleted, or if you have any other questions about the information that we process about you in this regard.

Cookie policy

Idfy uses cookies on our webpages in order to

  1. enhance the user experience on our webpages and
  2. gather information about potential target groups for advertisement from Idfy

Currently, Idfy uses the following first and third party cookies on our webpages (see list for an overview of which cookies are used and the purpose for using them).




  • nf_session: this cookie is used for handling the state of the user’s session on the website and thereby having the website functioning properly
  • _ga, _gat_UA-XXXXXXXXX-X, _gcl_au, _gid: these cookies are used by Google Analytics to provide Idfy with information about how visitors use our websites
  • km_ai, km_lv: these cookies are used by Kissmetrics to provide Idfy with information about how visitors use our websites
  • mp_........_mixpanel: these cookies are used by Mixpanel to provide Idfy with information about how visitors use our websites
  • __cfduid: this cookie is used by CloudFlare to speed up page load times. The cookie does not store any person identification information
  • CONSENT: this is used by our third party support system Zendesk to allow humans easy access to Zendesk features while blocking actions by robots
  • ajs_anonymous_id, ajs_group_id, ajs_user_id: these are used by our third party support system Zendesk to gather analytics about how the support widget is used
  • _mkto_trk: this cookie is used by Marketo to allow Idfy’s website to link visitor behavior to the recipient of an email marketing campaign in order to measure campaign effectiveness
  • seerid: this cookie is used by Lytics to create audience pools for targeted experiences on our websites

Natural persons have explicitly defined rights for the data that Idfy processes as a data controller under the GDPR regulation. These rights include:

  • The right to retrieve the data that we possess about you (access)
  • The right to correct any data that might be registered incorrectly (rectification)
  • The right to have your data deleted (the right to be forgotten)
  • The right to restrict the processing of your data (restriction)
  • The right to object to the processing of your personal data in certain circumstances and always for direct marketing (objection)
  • The right to be informed (information)
  • The right to have your data exported (portability)

In order to exercise any of your above-mentioned rights for the services where Idfy is the data controller, please contact us at or any other contact form found on our web pages. For requests related to Idfy’s services offered by another third party, please contact the third party directly. If you are dissatisfied about how we handle your request or in general about how we process your data, you may contact the Norwegian Data Protection Authority (Datatilsynet) which is Idfy’s supervisory authority for privacy and data protection – see contact information at

Information about site visit logging and analytics

Idfy uses among other tools Google Analytics for analyzing effectiveness of our websites and advertisements, and our subprocessor Coupler AS (a Norwegian limited company) for analyzing those data. In that respect, Idfy processes information about site visits to our web pages, in order to make contents relevant to the visitors and to tailor marketing and communication to different target groups. From the information which is collected and processed through among others Google Analytics, the visitor’s IP address may be collected, as well as metadata about a user’s visit on our web pages like duration of the visit and navigation through our pages. Non-personal data is also collected to gather statistics about the usage, such as the browser (user-agent) and device used and an approximation of the geo-location.